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Yuri Yudin was born in Moscow in 1962.
In 1989 he graduated from the Stroganov School of Arts, Department of Monumental Painting. In 1993 he won the grant of the Marseille School of Fine Arts, France, where he stayed until 1995. From 1993 till 1997 Yudin lived and worked abroad – in France, Germany and Belgium. Presently, he lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Yuri Yudin is a member of the Russian Union of Artists, Moscow Committee of Graphic Artists (Paintings Section) and International Federation Association (IFA), UNESCO. Yuri Yudin has been exhibiting his works since 1987.
In 2007 it is awarded by a medal "National Property of Russia".
In 2008 it is awarded the order "Service to art".
In 2008 became a member-correspondent of the International Academy of art and culture.
In 2016 it is awarded by a departmental award of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "Gratitude for a big contribution to cultural development."


1987 – 2003 - exhibitions
2004 – Arden’s Gallery, Moscow, Russia (personal exhibition)
2004 – Embassy of India in Russia, Moscow (personal exhibition)
2004 – “Russian House”, Russian Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia (personal exhibition)
2005 – “Russian House”, Russian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland (personal exhibition)
2006 - "About Love" the Modern exhibition with the Dutch actors of theatre and music. ÖÄÕ.
2006 - Gallery "Empressio". Moscow.
2007 - Gallery "This Brook". Moscow.
2007 - "15 Salon". Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia. Moscow.
2008 - Gallery "Ermitazh". Moscow.
2008 - "EvroArt". Geneva. Switzerland.
2009 - "Alla Buljanskoj's Gallery". Moscow.
2009 - International Arts Foundation, Moscow, Russia
2009 - The government of the Russian Federation "White House", Moscow
2010 - NB "TRUST". Moscow
2010 - Independent Building Bank. Moscow
2010 - "France - Russia". The government of the Russian Federation "White House", Moscow
2010 - The absolute Bank, Moscow
2010 - The Trance Credit Bank, Moscow
2011 - Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia. Alla Buljansky's gallery. Best of a collection
2011 - "Pirosmani is devoted." The house of Nationalities. Moscow
2011 - "New Peredvizhniki." A trance the Credit Bank. Saratov
2011 - "A reality Palette." Novosibirsk state museum of local lore. Novosibirsk.
2011 - "Orange mood". The absolute Bank. Moscow
2011 - Gallery "Garden Elena". Port-Bail. Normandy. France
2011 - the Personal exhibition. The international Art Fund. Moscow
2012 - "A Christmas fairy tale". N.Ostrovskogo's museum. Moscow
2013 - "The ode to Pleasure". Personal. "White hall". Shchelkovo
2013 - "From paints and light". the State museum of V.D.Polenov. "Polenovo"
2013 - "Life long travel". Shchelkovo local history museum
2013 - "Museum of Modern Art". Zakinthos . Greece
2014 - "Festival of flowers". Municipal gallery of Fryazino
2014 - "You give good". Charitable auction of painting for children of disabled people of Fryazino
2014 - "Music of flowers". Personal. "White hall". Shchelkovo
2015 - "Crimean stories". Central House of the Architect. Moscow.
2015 - "Crimean stories". The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Moscow.
2015 - Gallery "1991 Art Spase." Guangzhou. China.
2015 - "The 20th Guangzhou International Art Fair." China.
2016 - "Esthetics in the modern art" "Cinema house" of the RF IC. Moscow.
2016 - "Short stories on a canvas" Lipetsk regional art museum. Lipetsk.
2016 - "Silver age of the Russian culture" "House of the Russian Writers' Union" Moscow
2016 - "Anniversary exhibition. "-"Naval club"- Washington. USA
2016 - "Art Shanghai 2016" - Shanghai. China.

Yuri Yudin also participates in auctions, including charity auctions, in Russia and abroad.


The Museum of Modern Art, Milan, Italy
The Museum of Modern Art, Zakynthos. Greece


in Russia, Austria, Italy, the U.S.A., Japan, Germany, France.

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