Yuri Yudin artist

m a i n
w o r k
r e f l e c t i o n s
a r t i c l e s
c o n t a c t s

Reflections about Art and Beyond

The diversity of styles, techniques and images

I dissolve in my images, both tragic and comic, such as of Donatello, Shakespeare or Picasso. In many of my works I use alarming psychological realism to express the significance of the existence of Man on Earth.

Spiritual Messages

All spiritual legacy of Humankind is significant for me, including Old and New Testament, Talmud, the Gospel of Nikodim, Daoism and Kabbalah.


A major place in the thematic variety of my paintings is taken by “Dedications” as a tribute to the Great Masters, irrespective of the sphere of their activities – art, psychology, literature, philosophy, cinema, theater.

The Music of Cosmos

Every mark, line or touch of brush which start a drawing or a painting is for me a clue to understanding the Mystery of the information field of the Earth and Cosmos. Like the first harmonious sounds that opened the Voices of Cosmos to Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, the first lines on paper or the first touch of brush on canvas disclose for me the code for entering the infinitely fine ether which hides the mysteries of the existing world and other unknown worlds.


For me, an artist is not a photographer fixing the actual reality, but rather a philosopher reflecting the reality by creating own vision of the World. Creativity is based on intuition. Art is a polyphony of sounds, colors, smells, it is a soft state of the soul plunging into reality.


Lines in my graphics and paintings, be it abstract or realistic works, are nothing but a cast of energy of an object or image in space and time.

Artist’s Pursuit

A painter must absorb other types of art as a sacred light by reflecting it and splashing it onto the canvas. The way physics enrich uranium rocks, he should seek to reach a degree of radioactivity in his creations that would awaken dormant consciousness of the public.